Lighthouse not only celebrated Family Day — we also celebrated the honor of receiving a grant in the amount of $10,000 from the Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring.

These funds are directed toward computer training using specialized screen-reading and magnification software for our Independent Living program in Hillsborough County, helping to equip blind and visually impaired people with the skills needed to maximize their independence in their home and community free of charge.

Family day is the culmination of our Independent Living Skills class. Families and friends learn about various types of visual impairments and how they can best support their loved one to maintain their independence at home. Clients discuss the various techniques, devices, or skills that they learned. Often, it’s helpful for families to meet others who are having similar experiences with their loved one: the challenges of adjusting to vision loss, but also the newfound skills & community that they can find support in.

Thank you so much, FMC Foundation of Caring! Your contributions mean so much to our clients and their families!

For more information about the Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring, click here