Lighthouse Parent Resource: Summer Program Recap

We had a great summer with our Children’s and Transition Programs!  One of the areas of focus this summer was on Independent Living Skills – all the important day-to-day skills that we need as adults to take care of ourselves. But these skills aren’t just for the... Read more

Join Us for Dining in the Dark on October 5th

Many of us often take the simple things for granted – like sitting down to enjoy a meal. Now, imagine losing the ability to see the items on your plate or your silverware. Tasks like this suddenly aren’t so “simple” anymore. As we begin preparations for our 5th Annual... Read more

Happy Birthday, Helen Keller!

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880, and less than two years later, contracted an illness that left her both blind and deaf. She was unable to communicate with anyone effectively until she met her teacher Anne Sullivan when she was six years old. Ms. Sullivan, who was... Read more